Buidling Dreams Together


The rise and run of St Pauli

They are likely to return to the Bundesliga after over a decade, but many are asking the question – who are they?

German football is officially on the rise. The domination of FC Bayern Munich appears to be coming to an end. The league is becoming more competitive through the historic seasons of Bayer Leverkusen, Stuttgart and RB Leipzig, and mid-table teams are fighting hard for European football. However, to see the successes of German football, football enthusiasts must turn their undivided attention to the team running rampant across Bundesliga B. Situated in the archaic town of Hamburg, FC St Pauli are creating national history and hoping to return to the top tier of German football after a 12 year hiatus.

Unique beginnings:

Throughout the football world, St Pauli is known as a political team. To combat reoccurring hooliganism issues across football in Germany, the fans of the club opted to focus on social issues and political activism setting them apart from many other clubs in the country.

Unstoppable until the End:

Undefeated in twenty league games this season, the team is flying. The Bundesliga has been untouched by St Pauli since relegation in the 2011-12 season. However, the wait could be coming to an end. The team mases an impressive near 100% attendance at each home match, with the stadium holding just shy of 30,000 dedicated fans, the club is deeply loved and supported in the city.

So what has changed?

With only 1 loss so far this season, the team has had a turnaround from placing 5th in the league the year before. International players such as Australia’s Jackson Irvine in the midfield, who joined the club in 2021-, and 26-year-old English forward, Joshua Afolayan having a groundbreaking season, the team is flying. With American born, German manager Fabian Hürzeler leading the winning side, the aura around the club is unmatched. He became the youngest manager in the league’s history at 29 years old after ending a career often played in the lower leagues of German football and transitioning into his first managerial role in 2016.

Next Season is Calling:

There has been a historic shift within the Bundesliga in recent years, with many big names being relegated such as Schalke and Hertha BSC; with many traditionally lower league sides being promoted in recent years because of obtainable gaps in the race for promotion. With a total squad value of 27 million Euros, the relatively inexpensive squad could turn some heads in the Bundesliga next season as they fight for survival, as the club hopes for a resurgence of success.