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Olga Carmona: “The best and worst day of my life”

“Ayer fue el mejor y el peor día de mi vida” – Olga Carmona, just hours after scoring the winner in the World Cup final.

For the Carmona family, the 20th of August will forever represent an unforgettable night. Not only of immense jubilation, but also of acute sadness and pain.

Olga Carmona drilled a low, left-footed shot across England´s Mary Earps into the bottom corner on Sunday.

A goal which proved to be the only strike in Spain’s first ever World Cup final. The one that secured La Roja the trophy.

She couldn’t hide her emotion.

The joy? Boundless, a beaming smile from ear to ear. She’d just scored the most important goal in her nation’s history. (Match highlights and goal via BBC Sport [Youtube] below)

Instead of soaking up the moment all for herself, she decided to share it. After wheeling away in celebration, Olga raised her shirt to reveal the name “Merchi”

Reminiscent to Andrés Iniesta in 2010, she revealed a homage to her friend’s mother, who had died just before the tournament had begun.

Carmona´s shirt with the word “Merchi” dedicated to her friend´s mother (left) Andrés Iniesta´s shirt: “Dani Jarque siempre con nosotros” after his Wolrd Cup winning goal, 2010 (right)

In the greatest moment of her career to date, and one that will be almost impossible to surpass, Olga was thinking of her friend and her family’s tragedy.

But in a sorrowful twist of almost Shakespearian proportions, unbeknownst to Carmona, her family had suffered a tragedy of its own.

Her father Tomás had tragically passed away. Just hours before kick-off.

Olga embraces her mother and brother after the final whistle Credit: El Mundo

Despite this, her family opted to keep her father’s passing from her until after the final. An act to not steal from her the biggest moment of her career.

A beautiful and poignant gesture. One that is difficult to put in words…

Later Carmona would take to X to express her emotions in a heart-warming tweet devoted to her late father:

“And without knowing it, I already had my star before the match had even begun. I know for a fact that you gave me the power to achieve something unique, I know for a fact that you were watching me and that you’re proud of me. Rest in peace, daddy”

The official account of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) also payed their respects and offered support to Olga via X.

In an emotive message that finishes with the line: “We love you, Olga, you are Spanish football history”

Without becoming too philosophical, the events of Sunday represent a real, inherent human element – things that we all experience throughout our lives: “the best and the worst”

There is an apparent beauty in the events of August 20th.

And it is a day that will forever be etched into the minds of many, for its dichotomy of life’s joy and grave sorrow.

¡Enhorabuena, campeonas! Descanse en paz, Tomás.

Congratulations, girls!

Rest in peace Tomás.

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