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Keeping the game safe: Tackling gun violence concerns ahead of World Cup 2026 across North America.

With the eager anticipation building for the highly anticipated FIFA World Cup 2026 set to take place in the soccer-loving nation, concerns are also mounting about the safety of hosting such a global event across the pond. 

  Unfortunately, violence has been a persistent issue in the world of football, both in and off the pitch. The recent shooting incident at the Super Bowl victory parade for the Kansas City Chiefs has raised concerns about the safety of international fans attending major sporting events. Six World Cup matches are set to take place in Kansas City and many are expressing their reservations about the safety of the tournament. People are taking to social media to express these reservations, stating that attending the tournament would be irresponsible without a guarantee of a safe environment for both fans and national teams.

Canada and Mexico are also facing scrutiny for hosting the World Cup in 2026. Canadian officials are already advising citizens and attendees to familiarise themselves with how to respond to an active shooter situation. However, in spite of such precautions people are calling for these host counties to ensure all safety measures are put in place for the tournament.

With the World Cup coming up in just over 2 years, it’s crucial for the US to prioritise safety and tighten their laws. The World Cup is an amazing event which bring everyone together. It is important to continue to make it memorable for all the right reasons.