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Mason Greenwood: The great subversion of Spain’s “#MeToo” moment

On transfer deadline day, it was revealed that Mason Greenwood would be going to Madrid side Getafe, on-loan from Manchester United – a mere two weeks after the Luis Rubiales and Jenni Hermoso controversy.
Rubiales and Hermoso “kiss” Credit: El Independiente via YouTube

Many have declared the incident and subsequent fallout as Spain’s very own #MeToo moment. Those involved have coined the term: #SeAcabó“It’s over”

What was seen as a welcome social change in the Spanish collective conscious, particularly after last season’s multiple allegations of racism against Madrid’s Vinicius Junior, has been greatly undermined by the transfer of Greenwood to Getafe.

“Se acabó” Credit: Relevo

Greenwood has been out of action since January 2022.

He was arrested by Greater Manchester Police amid allegations of sexual assault, assault and coercive behaviour.

The arrest was made after videos, photos and audio clips containing sensitive material were posted on social media.

The original allegations were made against him by a “young woman”.

However, all charges against Greenwood were dropped in February of this year. This decision was made by the Crown Prosecution Service due to “withdrawal of a key witness”.

Hooded Greenwood ignores paparazzi Credit: TalkSport

Rubiales has been accused of both sexual assault and coercive behaviour after he forcibly kissed Spanish footballer Jenni Hermoso on August 20th. Rubiales has vehemently denied this.

He called the fall out a “witch hunt”, subsequently refusing to step down as RFEF President.

“I will not resign!” Credit: TheGuardian on YouTube

Over the past few years, there has been a worrying trend of male footballers being accused of domestic abuse. The Benjamin Mendy case receiving most public interest.

Even as recently as last week, there was another. Manchester United winger, Antony has been dropped by the Brazillian national team whilst an investigation is made into allegations made by his ex-girlfriend, Gabriela Cavallin.

Mendy was found not guilty of multiple allegations of rape and sexual assault in July.

While Manchester United are scheduled to play their next competitive game on September 16th.

Dub Sports understands that Antony will be considered and remain available for Erik Ten Haag’s men.

Mendy walks from court after “Not guilty” verdict Credit: CNN

Although it appeared that Spain had had their #MeToo moment with #SeAcabó, there is clearly much to be done before gender equality is achieved. The Greenwood transfer being testament to that.

What sort of message does this send?

Getafe’s actions completely disregard survivors and sufferers of both sexual assault and domestic abuse.

What makes this transfer revelation so stunning, is the apparent hypocrisy of the loan deal when cross examined against comments made by Getafe’s President.

“He can’t stay there for one minute longer” said Ángel Torres.

He also called Rubiales’ behaviour “lamentable”, as reported here by Spanish outlet, Relevo via X.

Less than two weeks before, Torres was calling for the head of Rubiales on the back of allegations of sexual assault.

Yet, when it comes to bringing in a shiny new striker – hypocrisy ensues.

Allegations of sexual assault and domestic abuse are among the most difficult allegations to report and to prove:

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The National Centre for Domestic Violence can be contacted by:
Calling: 0800 970 2070
, Texting: NCDV to 60777 or Email: office@ncdv.org.uk
The UK and Ireland Survivors Trust can be found here

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