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Is Iliman Ndiaye Sheffield United’s Only Hope Of Premier League Survival?

Recent interest in the ‘Senegalese Starboy’ from a variety of clubs in this summer’s transfer window has raised the question of the 23-year-old’s importance to the Blades in their upcoming return to top-flight football.

Iliman Ndiaye has been the subject of an enthralling transfer saga in recent weeks with offers flying in from several top-flight clubs in Europe, the most notable of which being Marseille and Everton. 

This comes off the back of a stunning season for Ndiaye in the EFL Championship with Sheffield United, achieving 25 G/A in the league, helping the Blades to automatic promotion and even making his first World Cup appearance with Senegal in December. 

Ndiaye’s performance throughout the 2022/23 season saw the forward become Sheffield United’s key player and now it’s down to the negotiating table to try and keep the rising star at Bramall Lane.

Reports of late suggest that representatives of Marseille had flown out to Sheffield United’s pre-season training camp in Portugal to negotiate with Ndiaye himself. 

Supposedly the French giants were willing to pay between £8-£12 million for the 23-year-old, far off what Sheffield United are asking for. 

Since this recent revelation, rumours have circled that the Blades are looking to accommodate Ndiaye in whatever way they can, focussing on Ndiaye’s young family and hoping to help him settle in Sheffield.

In addition to this, it has been reported that Sheffield United aim to make Iliman Ndiaye the focal point of the team next season in an attempt to both survive in the Premier League and convince the rising star to stay and build the team around the strengths and abilities of Ndiaye, a prospect which could be make or break for the Senegalese player.

Is this a wise decision for the Blades, however? 

It is clear Ndiaye is already the main feature of Sheffield United’s team, but building the entire squad around the 23-year-old’s strengths is a risk all the same. 

There is as of yet, no official announcement of where Iliman Ndiaye will be playing football next season so the Blades still risk losing their greatest asset. 

Would this mean certain relegation for the Blades? Only time will tell.

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