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Have Arsenal Made Any Real Improvements To Their Midfield?

After splashing huge amounts for Kai Havertz and Declan Rice, Arsenal have high ambitions for this upcoming season.

Havertz and Rice should tie perfectly with Martin Odegaard, who is staying at the club, but have Arsenal rushed to get Granit Xhaka and Thomas Partey out of the way?

The midfield trio provided significant experience and entertainment to the club’s fans the past season with Odegaard leading the team and Xhaka being the heart of it, however, the Gunners have decided to “replace” two of their most reliable players.

It is no secret that Arsenal bottled the league last year so it was natural for the management to make significant decisions and find new options and solutions to last year’s problems.

Whilst looking into the stats of the midfield trio of Odegaard, Xhaka and Partey, there was high praise around them this past year, with the trio showing up to “clean up” the rest of the team’s mess on several occasions towards the end of the season.

Odegaard averaged 22 goal contributons last season, an incredible number for a midfielder, whilst Xhaka racked up 14 goal involvemnts and Partey only managed three goal contributions, definitely not doing him justice for the work he puts on the field.

On the other hand, the two arrivals have quite the reputation. The two European champions can give Arsenal the European experience they have been missing.

Havertz, the man who gifted Chelsea the Champions League a few years ago, has definitely had his ups and downs.

2021 was arguably the best year of his career. European glory, showing up for his team and being a goal-scoring machine helped Chelsea achieve a lot of their goals.

However, his last season was a letdown for Chelsea fans after his poor performances and his ability to be an all-rounded reliable player were questioned several times.

So the question is, will he show up for Arsenal and how will he work next to two extremely talented midfielders?

Rice, however, has all the potential to rise to the occasion after becoming the second most expensive Premier League signing.

The whole world is certain he will live up to the expectations after leading West Ham to their second European triumph.

He is a man that definitely plays for the badge on the front of the shirt and it is just what Arsenal need.

The Odegaard x Rice duo has Arsenal fans excited and the race for glory has just got more exciting, it is just a matter of time to see how Havertz adds to the equation and if the new midfield trio is the upgrade the club needed or if the players left have costed the club more than they imagined.

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